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Qualcomm X Elite

Supercharged AI Chip Coming to Windows Laptops!

Get ready for a shake-up in the laptop world! Qualcomm's bringing the heat with their new X Elite chip, packing serious power and efficiency for Windows laptops. Here's the lowdown:

Superfast, power-sipping CPU: Handles tasks like a champ, using less juice than its rivals (think Intel and Apple).

AI powerhouse: Built-in AI engine crunches numbers like nobody's business, making your experience smooth and smart.

Arriving this summer: Expected alongside the next big Windows update (think fancy features and AI goodness).

Game changer? Could challenge the long-reigning x86 chip kings and be the next big thing in laptop performance.

But wait, there's more!

This is Qualcomm's first major foray into laptops, so it's an exciting move.

Microsoft's all-in on AI for the next Windows update, making the X Elite a perfect match.

AMD and Nvidia might be cooking up their own Arm-based chips, setting the stage for a spicy competition.

Whether it's a revolution or just a good option, the X Elite is definitely one to watch. Stay tuned for more laptop drama!



Apple Hacked By A 16 Year Old Teen !

 A Teenage boy pleeded guillty to hack into Apple internal database The 16-year-old accessed 90 gigabytes worth of files, breaking into the system many times over the course of a year from his suburban home in Melbourne, reports The Age newspaper. It says he stored the documents in a folder called 'hacky hack hack'.👻 Apple insists that no customer data was compromised. But The Age reports that the boy had accessed customer accounts. In a statement to the BBC, Apple said: "We vigilantly protect our networks and have dedicated teams of information security professionals that work to detect and respond to threats. "In this case, our teams discovered the unauthorised access, contained it, and reported the incident to law enforcement. "We regard the data security of our users as one of our greatest responsibilities and want to assure our customers that at no point during this incident was their personal data compromised." According to stateme

All Controller controls all your consoles

Am here to introduce to you the All controller for all standard game consoles... Remember the third party controller your sibling/cousin/friend made you use when you visited his or her house in the NES days? Remember the pain you felt when the joystick wasn’t quite right and they were hosing you on Mortal Kombat while you were busy trying to figure out why your character kept kicking? Well the  All Controller isn’t like that at all. The All Controller is a third party project that, in theory, can be used on any console. You can set up macros and speed buttons and connect to the Xbox, the PS4, or the Switch. It also has a 40 hour battery and can connect to PCs. “Connecting to consoles will be as easy as plugging in the custom USB adapter,” write the creators. “This device will allow the ALL Controller to connect to the XBox 360, XBox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Added support for Nintendo Wii, WiiU and Switch will be added as well. On top of that, the USB adapter will h

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It's shiny, fast and ultrapowerful. But it's not the latest Alpha Romeo. A physics laboratory in Tennessee just unveiled Summit, likely to be named the world's speediest and smartest supercomputer. Perhaps most exciting for the U.S.? It's faster than China's. Hot 100 smartphones The supercomputer — which fills a server room the size of two tennis courts — can spit out answers to 200 quadrillion (or 200 with 15 zeros) calculations per second, or 200 petaflops, according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where the supercomputer resides. "If every person on Earth completed one calculation per second, it would take the world population 305 days to do what Summit can do in 1 second," according to an ORNL statement. Put another way, if one person were to run the calculations, hypothetically, it would take 2.3 trillion days, or 6.35 billion years. [9 Super-Cool Uses for Supercomputers] The former "world's fastest supercomputer," called S